About Us

Internationally renowned UK Law firm

KrishMorgan is an internationally recognised UK law firm known for its comprehensive knowledge of immigration law and employment law. Our approach of professional handling of legal matters and personal attention to each one of our clients has helped us to develop strong client relationships which have led to more than 90% of our new businesses coming from referrals.

Our Principle

The difference between success and failure of your application is down to the right legal representation. Suresh Unnikrishnan leads his law firm and personally attends to each case through the entire case process.

Our Promise
  • We promise to give impartial legal advice to our clients
  • We promise to discuss strategy with the clients prior to taking any significant action on your case, matter or project
  • We are committed to our clients’ confidence and privacy
  • We will always remain fair with clients as we bear professional responsibility for our actions

Our Motto

KrishMorgan’s work revolves around 4C
  • Contacts
  • Common sense
  • Courage
  • Confidence
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